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I spend many hours in cloth doll making, watercolor painting, dress design,
knitted projects, photography and embroidered projects.  They all enhance the
expression of myself as an artist, be it in textiles or paints. I can work with you to
express your best interests and ideas.  Together, we can make it happen!
occasions in life.  I have been making these special pillows for over 25 years.  I
started making them as gifts for my friends who were having babies.  Before I
knew it, the recipients of these pillows started to order them for their friends and
families.  So word of mouth spread, and I was in business.  

Each one is a joy to make because it is meant for a special individual.  I have
expanded into making lavender filled pillows with inspirational sayings on them.  I
also incorporate my artwork with my pillows, using the computer to scan and print
my watercolor paintings onto fabric.

I have a B.A. degree in Fashion Design from Dominican University in River Forest,
IL, and taught fashion design classes there.  It was fun and stimulating to work
with so many talented and diverse students.  I learned more from them than they
learned from me.  I also exhibit my textile designs in art galleries.

My family and friends have encouraged me to expand and to offer my pillows to a
wider array of clients. I personally develop each piece and their own individual
character.  My objective is to create a sentimental custom order pillow for every
special occasion in life and to bring joy into the recipient’s life.

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