Wedding and Anniversary Pillows
The pillow measures 10 X 13
inches and has a Dupioni silk main
pillow front.  Or can be in:

White Dupioni silk or white satin
Off White Dupioni silk or satin
Silver Satin for 25th Anniversary
Gold Satin for 50th Anniversary

.  Edging can be either ruffled or
corded.  The appliquéd figures of
the bride and the groom, usually
done in the wedding colors, and the
bride’s name and the groom’s
name, embroidered on each
appliquéd figure.  The groom figure
has a bow-tie sewn onto the front of
that appliquéd figure.  White pearl
buttons on brides's shoe.  Black
bead buttons on groom's shoe.  
Bride holds ribbon flowers.  Pieces
of mink for hair on each figure.

The date of the wedding or
anniversary is machine
embroidered on a pink heart that is
close to the appliquéd feet of the
bride and the groom and centered
at the bottom of the pillow.  Artist's  
professional label is sewn onto the
pillow back.

Susan Hausmann Designs

Quilt measures 45 x 50
Has a cotton backing and
quilt batting inside
Edged with bias tape

Pictures can be printed on cotton
fabric and incorporated into the
design of the quilt


Embroidery can be incorporated into
the design, as well

I can work with  you on designing
whatever you want